About Us

Waterfall Creations has experience in artificial rock dating back to 1977. They have built major resort rockwork including resorts and waterparks in the Caribbean plus hundreds of other commercial and custom residential projects.  A team of creative craftsmen near Austin, TX have further modified the original designs and is adding many new products but the mission of Waterfall Creations is still the same: provide readymade waterfalls, rocks, and driftwood type products to enhance the outdoor living experience for those that want a natural feeling.

Natural stone is tough to deal with, and every boulder moved from nature leaves a hole in the forest or hills. Contractors are needed for custom rock projects but for many simple applications our ready to go products will add fun and nature at a reasonable cost and last for many decades.

What is GFRC?

GFRC stands for glass fiber reinforced concrete. Our products are designed to be lightweight and very durable. Unlike fiberglass or resin, GFRC will not crack or be prone to leak. All of our products are tank tested before shipping to ensure that your order meets or exceeds your expectations.  Our products are designed to be very easy to install and become a permanent addition to your landscape. Our smaller units can be installed by one person and our larger units can take two to four people. Our larger two-piece units are designed to be installed without the use of mortar; stability is built into the design.  You do not need extensive deck sealing around your pool deck as our units are designed to flow properly, consistently, and into your pool or pond. Simply set the base unit with a slight pitch forward, set the top unit in place, and enjoy for years!