Waterfall Installation

Many of our products weigh around 300 lbs, and they need to be handled carefully, so no one gets hurt, and the edges are not chipped.

A furniture dolly or utility cart works well to transport on a hard surface; Plywood can be used to go across a lawn area.

All of the products are less than 36 inches so they will fit thru doors and gates although some have to be turned sideways.

The PVC plumbing return is stubbed inside the units, usually 2″ PVC, and needs to be connected to the return from the pool or pond pump. The Access Panel is made of a concrete board that can be cut if needed.

The products can be free standing, or they can be secured with Construction Adhesive but the bond is so strong the product will likely be damaged if it needs to be moved in the future.

A colored caulking found at hardware stores can be used on joints if a tight seal is required.